Mount Dandenong

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Your knowledge insight and support have been inspirational. Thank you.

I cant thank you enough for the Reading Art With Kids visits. The experience has been a valuable addition to our home education plan.

My kids have loved the Yoga in Gardens. A whole year and we are all still brimming with enthusiasm. Looking forward to more. Love your work!

Sarah Arrowsmith - Naturally Learning

Bridget accepted my request to be a specific needs home education consultant. My children are 6 and 9 years old. Initially, and throughout the process, she took the time to observe and interact with my children, then provided a holistic variety of materials to directly assist me in finding my feet in an already bewildering amount of information.

She was very accurate in knowing where we were at and her holistic approach was solid, its obvious she has years of research and experience, knowing what should work, and what doesn't. She also provided unwavering, positive family support (we are a trauma family) and her wonderful approach also included self care of me, ideas for nature places to visit and what educational opportunities they provided plus how to further bond with my little ones through art. Just gorgeous!  Thanks B

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